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About Us

Out of the Shadows

Life with a disability is still life. In a world where pain can keep us apart, we choose to create opportunities for true connection by living at the edge of our boundaries. For our family, it’s a magical place in our hearts we call Cherry Creek.

Into the light

Cherry Creek is more than a candle-making company. Through our craft, those who may have otherwise remained in the margins are thriving; earning wages and sharing the spirit of commitment. Ours is a celebration of resilience and the growing glow of kindness – intangible gifts that make life brighter and warmer for our communities.

Shine on

As Cherry Creek swells over the dams and beyond barriers, proceeds from our all-natural inventions will shine on the beauty of the people that power our social enterprise. With your support, we can continue to light the way home for family and friends to come together on the side of our humble haven of Cherry Creek.

Honesty and Integrity

There’s no “greenwashing” here, just natural products that you will feel good about using.


We strive to ensure that our customers' needs are met and that they know they are a valued part of our mission.


Our candles and melts are good for the air you breathe, and our soaps are gentle on the skin and body. It is our goal to provide uncompromised alternatives for customers who are looking for products that fit with their healthy lifestyles.


We’re not only concerned about our customers’ health, but we’re also mindful of the impact we have on the environment.


Family is the foundation of our company. It is where we got our start and why we continue to develop our product lines – for both our family and yours!

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