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Bakeapple Pie Soy Wax Melts 2.8 oz


A Newfoundland & Labrador Favourite. This raspberry looking berry is actually called a bakeapple berry and is a staple in jam preserves and desserts on the east coast of Canada.  Bakeapple Pie is a Canadian term for a pie made from cloudberries. There are actually no apples in the pie; "Bakeapple" is another word for cloudberries. The pie is traditional in the Newfoundland and Labrador regions of Canada. It is most typically made from fresh fruit (in season.) It is a simple pie, with fruit and sugar in a pie crust, baked. Some people say that compared to raspberry pie, it has less flavour and more seeds. This has inspired us to re-create this remarkable scent in our pure soy wax melts which are are a great way to scent your home, with easy clean up and no open flame. After the wax cools and hardens, simply pop it out of the melt bowl and replace with new scented melts.

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